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A Founder’s Guide on How to Find and Hire Developers for a Startup

Here we have collected several tips on how our company helps early startups to create their software development team and deliver top-notch products. That is good news, but the choice is restricted only to the platform candidates. Toptal has a boring process when the skills, ethical values, level of English, and education will be analyzed. You can choose between part-time or full-time collaboration, and between hourly or weekly payment. But there is a way to hire experienced professionals at a fair price – consider developers overseas.

Extend an offer

  1. You sign an additional agreement and get the required talent in a matter of days, giving you the needed flexibility.
  2. Software development market statistics of the tech countries — Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Croatia.
  3. If you checked any of these boxes, you might work in high technology.
  4. When you’re prepared to assess a consulting firm, ask about their most recent initiatives.
  5. For startup teams, you will be employing software developers.
  6. You should also take into account your company’s development process and whether you need a dedicated team.

The main downsides of using the platform are, firstly, that you pay 23 % of the rate you pay the programmer for the service and secondly, it’s not possible to hire a dedicated team. You need to gather the team by searching for each developer separately by their profiles. If you checked any of these boxes, you might work in high technology.

Outsourcing Programmers As A Team

Or is it a tech startup building an application, communication platform, or maybe a SaaS solution? The technology behind each will vary, predetermining the required talent to create it and influencing the roles in a startup company. When your Startup needs a development company, your requirements are a bit high, and you don’t have enough technical knowledge to adhere to the process. Assume that you are hiring startup programming experts; you need to track the company whether their company has skilled programmers or not.

A step-by-step recruitment guide on how to find a programmer for a startup

The message we’re trying to send here is that even if your startup needs developers full-time, outsourcing may be a good option, namely if you go for a dedicated partnership. The reason is that when you turn to an outsourcing vendor, this is the party that handles most of the find a programmer for startup steps listed below (not you). These are the people who’ll turn your ideas into a functioning product and help you launch a startup. But numerous startups have to overcome many challenges to find the right fit, especially when the company is just taking its first steps.

Toptal is a matching service that operates with a community of vetted freelancers. Toptal, on the one hand, offers a database of vetted tech specialists. But on the other hand, it limits the choice so that clients can only choose from the candidates in the database.

We advise signing a statement of work and a non-disclosure agreement to protect your rights and interests. You will optimize your expenses by paying a negotiated hourly wage without additional costs and prepayments. Your staff may be ending their day, but our team is just beginning. You can create a 24-hour development cycle if you manage your staff well.

Stepping through this process will show you how to find a developer for your startup that will not just do the job, but help you meet your goals. Hiring software developers for startup companies shouldn’t be a painful process, if you follow these eight simple steps. An experienced development team shares its in-depth experience with the product owner and gives sound advice on the best implementation path. They know pitfalls and do their best to avoid them, ensuring the startup project is safe. Moreover, developers constantly test new technologies broadening their knowledge. They will offer their expert advice to the product owner.

However, it can be time-consuming and costly, and may not be suitable for startups with limited resources. Using more specialized platforms like Upwork and Freelancer is also a great way to find developers for your startup. If you post your project on these platforms, freelancers worldwide will apply for the job.

It’s one strategy for keeping costs in check but works best if you can be certain your needs will be minor in the future. Then chances are good you’ll need to find and hire web developers. And wrong hiring decisions often happen because company leaders neglected to anticipate their needs, didn’t know what they’re looking for, or went looking for help in the wrong places. All these digital solutions provided by one partner can help with convenient communication throughout the entire process. Hiring a programmer is difficult because there are so many different skillsets in programming.

That’s how you can get an estimation for your project and check if the agency meets your demands. The skills of your engineering team are everything, as you entrust the product to their hands. That’s why it’s important to realize what developers will suit you best. Here we will reveal the main reasons for companies choosing to outsource software development. By giving yourself and your employees the best tools for the job, you allow everyone to make the most of their skills, to drive success and productivity at your firm.

Doing so could cost you dearly; poor hiring decisions often arise because leaders misjudge their needs or search elsewhere for assistance. Lists like this could go on forever; the key point here is learning as much about your project as possible to find a programmer who best matches its needs. Users could discover your app via mobile phones (iOS and Android), desktop PCs running Linux/macOS/Windows, or both platforms.

Whether you’re hiring web, app, or software developer partners, IT consulting firms are an excellent choice for how to find and retain top talent quickly. Yet, the cost of finding a development team in-house can go high, including salaries, benefits, renting an office space and other expenses. Also, hiring in-house, you should take into account the rates in your country, which can be significantly higher than those offshore. Thus, the hourly rates of an in-house team of programmers can range from $50 to $200 per hour.

Take remote options into consideration, as such an approach really expands the range of talented developers working all over the world. A dedicated team of developers is a decent alternative for startups instead of hiring in-house. This includes scenarios when you don’t have a development team at all or need an additional one for a side project but can’t spare the time or resources on lengthy employment processes. It would help if you offered competitive pay and benefits to get the best developers to work for your startup.

This is a technical skill test that objectively shows the level of a candidate’s skills. And similarly to Upwork, the quality and pricing range a lot, so be careful to vet your developers well before making a hiring decision. Workers’ productivity goes up 13% when they work remotely. PwC reports that 83% of employers have found remote work to be successful. What’s more, if you open up for remote talent, you can reach a much bigger pool of developers than your local talent pool.

Technology has made it easier than ever to work remotely, meaning that talented people worldwide can bid on projects and find remote jobs, remote developers, and Remote programmers. Some startups hire individual developers to work on their products. In contrast, others prefer to hire a team of developers who work together on different aspects of the product, such as design, front end, and back end development. If you need to find a programmer for a startup, try giving these seven options a shot.

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